Ashwagandha - KME means the very best
Ashwagandha - KME means the very best
Ashwagandha - KME means the very best
Ashwagandha - KME means the very best


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If you want to achieve the ultimate goal of improving both mental and physical health, then you should try the Nutra Moment Ashwagandha.

Nutra Mmomemt offers Ashwagandha with Black Pepper as a dietary supplement. It is recommended that anyone seeking to improve their physical and mental well-being utilize Ashwagandha with Black Pepper. Black pepper is a commonly used culinary spice that many overlook despite its well-documented health benefits.

Ashwagandha with Black Pepper contains 1300 mg of Ashwagandha and 10 milligrams of black pepper in each capsule. 

Support Blood Sugar levels 

Ashwagandha and black pepper have been shown in studies to help lower blood sugar levels. Both healthy and diabetic patients can benefit from these two substances in their bodies, which lowers blood sugar levels and improves insulin sensitivity, allowing for better regulation of blood sugar levels. The Ashwagandha with Black Pepper can help people with diabetes and those who have a family history of diabetes or are dealing with other risk factors.

Support a Healthy Nervous system 

Ashwagandha is a powerful antioxidant, and it helps reduce the free radicals in the brain, which in turn improves brain function. As one of the most popular natural memory-enhancing herbs, Ashwagandha is widely used. People with mental well-being concerns may benefit from the anti-inflammatory properties of black pepper.

Support Energy and Mood 

Ashwagandha with Black Pepper is suggested to help with concentration and task performance problems. Individuals with depression may benefit from Ashwagandha with Black Pepper's ability to enhance their mood.


Essential Ingredients



Ashwagandha is a herb native to Asia and Africa. Also known as "Indian ginseng," the herb has been utilized for thousands of years in ancient Indian Ayurvedic medicine for various ailments, including assisting pain relief and inflammation reduction, helping with sleeplessness, and boosting nutrition absorption.

As a remedy for stress, Ashwagandha is widely utilized. However, there is little scientific data to support adaptogens for a wide range of other disorders. There may be molecules in Ashwagandha that can reduce inflammation, regulate blood pressure, and change the immune system's response to stress.

Black Pepper

There is no better spice in the world than black pepper. Distinct processing methods produce different types of black and white peppers derived from the same plant.  It appears that this substance has a wide range of effects on the human body. It appears to be effective against bacteria, fungus, and parasites.


How To Use


As per dietary supplement, take two (2) veggie capsules once a day. For best results, take 20-30 minutes before a meal or as directed by your health care professional.